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Hi I like video games, anime and nsfw stuff. Wooper is the best pokemon and I try to be really friendly to everyone.


Black Widow
Concept art for Avengers: Age of Ultron by Ryan Meinerding.

I don’t know if anyone else has made anything similar, but I’m a bit overly-excited for AOU and freaked when I saw the concept art, so I decided to animate it, a bit. 
I know it’s silly and verging on the fanatical - but I am silly and a huge fan of Marvel, so. Took about three days - because I’m just not very talented, and I haven’t done anything like this before. But I want to share it with my friends and family on Facebook, and need the url to link back. So, here it is. Not great, but it was fun to try something new. 

Have a good evening.

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zzame: Favorite/main/best lane?

I would say solo lanes I guess because I’m usually playing mid/top (and jungle a lot if that counts)

I do a lot of bot lane too when I can but for the most part I “main” Mid/top

I put those boxers on and they were actually super comfy what is my life.